Command Center

At Red Cape Pictures, it’s our mission to help you soar to your full potential. Whether it is via phone, email or a face-to-face meeting, we will sit down with you and figure out exactly what it is you need. It’s our civic duty to provide a fun, stress-free process as we take your project from concept to completion.

Creativity is such a wonderful thing to share. It requires us to fall back into a child like state of mind, where anything and everything goes. By the endless amount of superhero puns on this site, I’m sure you have already guessed that we are very much in tune with our inner child. With that, we shall heroically capture your story through creative and original content. There are so many wonderful, beautiful inspiring people out there waiting for their stories to be told. It’s our honor tell them.

“We all have the capacity to be a superhero. In order to become one, you have to find your unique power or ability and exploit it for the greater good. The cape and mask are optional accessories, but a kind heart is essential.” - Robert Clancy

Powers and Abilities

HD Video Production

Our goal is to provide high quality video as marketing tools that are custom-tailored to each client’s individual personality, needs, and goals. Our services are designed to meet a variety of budgets and creative needs.

Music Videos

Whether you are an established musician or just starting out, we offer packages ranging from acoustic sets to full on storyline music videos and everything in-between.


PK’s are a great way to explain who are, what you do, and why you do it. Any information you want to relay out to your fans such as release dates, tour dates, new music, etc., an EPK is the way to go.

Commercial / Corporate Videos

Want to get the word out about your company? Red Cape offers a range of videos such as promotional, how to, informational, etc.

  • You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you. You are someone. You mean something.

    ---- Batman
  • You’re going to make a difference. A lot of times it won’t be huge, it won’t even be visible even. But it matters just the same.

    ---- Com. James Gordon
  • Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.

    ---- The Flash
  • You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.

    ---- Superman
  • The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight.

    ---- Martian Manhunter
  • With great power comes great responsibility.

    ---- Uncle Ben



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